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How to Bid
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  • You may bid or track more than one item at a time in this list. You may also click on the title of an item for more information, and bid from there. 
  • You may add an item to your Members Area tracking list without placing a bid. Just check the box and you will be able to view the status of the item quickly with the rest of the items you have tracked or bid on by logging in to My Watchdog. 
  • When bidding, place only numbers in the Bid Entry Boxes Above. 
    Example: a $10 bid would be 10 and a 10 cent bid would be 0.10 

    Enter the amount of your bid in the Bid Box. If you wish to have place a Maximum Bid as well, place the highest amount you are will to pay in the second box provided. The auction system will then will bid on your behalf if someone else bids against you, up to the point of the bid placed here.

  • At the close of the auction a 20% Buyers Premium will be added to all winning bids. Postage and handling is extra, and will vary depending on what has been won. Minimum $5 per order. NY State residents add 8.625% sales tax.  


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