Clean Sweep Auctions Item: 0000634310 -- Lot #706 1909 T206 311 different w/HOFers & Stars

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Lot #706 1909 T206 311 different w/HOFers & Stars

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Current Time: 5/26/2020 6:32:06 PM EST
Listed: Wednesday May 22, 2019 9:44 AM EST
Ending: Thursday June 6, 2019 1:44 AM EST
Item Has Ended


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Listing Details

Honest lower grade lot of unslabbed T206s, everything is neatly presented in a single binder in the proper sheets. A real throwback lot, grading has made these so hard to find. Condition varies mainly from Poor - VG, averaging a pleasing GVG overall to our eyes. The backs are clean overall (nearly 90% have no writing, paper loss etc), with one each of Old Mill, Sovereign, Tolstoi and five Polar Bears.

These better cards come in the lot: Baker, Bender (pitching, trees), Birmingham, Chance (batting), Chance (portrait, red bckgrnd), Chase (holding trophy), Chase (portrait, blue bckgrnd), Chase (throwing, dark cap), Cravath, Crawford (batting), Doyle (NY, hands above head), Durham, Huggins (portrait), Keeler (with bat), Magee (portrait), Magee (with bat), Marquard (pitch follow through), McGinnity, Merkle (portrait), Mullin (throwing), Murphy (throwing), Pelty (horizontal), Powers, Taylor, Tinker (bat on shoulder), Titus, Turner and Walsh.

Some cards may be trimmed, we will have front and back images of 38 cards in the lot on our website, please use these as a guide to the condition of the lot. An exact inventory will be on our website. This is a good lot of lower grade T206 cards, a very substantial start on a set.



Abbaticchio (brown sleeves), Abbott, Abstein, Alperman, Ames (hands at chest), Ames (hands above head), Anderson, Arellanes, Armbruster, Arndt, Atz, Baker, Ball (New York), Ball (Cleveland), Barger, Barry (Philadelphia), Barry (Milwaukee), Batch, Bates, Beck, Becker, Bell (hands above head), Bell (pitching follow through), Bender (pitching, trees), Bergen (batting), Bergen (catching), Berger, Birmingham, Blackburne, Bliss, Bowerman, Bradley (portrait), Brain, Brashear, Bridwell (portrait, no cap), Bridwell (portrait, with cap), Burchell, Burke, Burns, Bush, Butler, Byrne, Camnitz (arm at side), Camnitz (arms folded), Camnitz (hands above head), Campbell, Carr, Carrigan, Casey, Cassidy, Chance (batting), Chance (portrait, red bckgrnd), Chappelle, Charles, Chase (holding trophy), Chase (portrait, blue bckgrnd), Chase (throwing, dark cap), Clancy, Clarke, Clymer, Congalton, Conroy (fielding) (2), Covaleski, Crandall (portrait, no cap), Cravath, Crawford (batting), Cree, Criger, Criss, Cross, Dahlen (Boston), Davidson, Davis (Chicago), Davis (Phila, H. Davis on front), Delahanty (Lousville), Delehanty (Washington), Dessau, Dineen, Donlin (seated), Donlin (with bat), Donohue, Donovan (portrait), Donovan (throwing), Dooin, Doolan (batting), Doolan (fielding), Doolin (Doolan), Dorner, Dougherty (arm in air), Dougherty (portrait), Downey (batting), Downey (fielding), Downs, Doyle (NY, hands above head), Dunn (Brooklyn), Durham, Dygert, Easterly, Egan, Elberfeld (fielding), Engle, Evans, Ferguson, Ferris, Fiene (portrait), Fiene (throwing), Flanagan, Fletcher, Flick, Ford, Freeman, Frill, Fromme, Ganley, Ganzel, Gasper, Geyer, Gibson, Gilbert, Goode, Graham (St. Louis), Graham (Boston), Gray, Grimshaw, Groom, Hahn, Hallman, Hannifan, Hartsel, Hayden, Hemphill, Herzog (Boston), Hinchman (Cleveland), Hinchman (Toledo), Hoblitzell, Hoffman (St. Louis), Hoffman (Providence), Hofman, Huggins (portrait), Hulswitt, Hummel, Hunter, Jacklitsch, Jackson, Jones (Chicago, hnds at hip), Jones (Detroit), Jones (St. Louis), Karger, Keeler (with bat), Killian (hands at chest), Killian (portrait), Knabe, Knight (portrait), Knight (with bat), Krause (pitching), Krause (portrait), Kroh, Kruger, Lake (New York), Lake (St. Louis, ball in hand), Lake (St. Louis, no ball in hand), Laporte, Latham, Lattimore, Lavender, Lennox, Liebhardt, Lindaman, Lord, Lundgren (Kansas City), Maddox, Magie, Magee (with bat), Malarkey, Maloney, Manning (batting), Marquard (pitch follow through), Marshall, McBride, McCormick, McGann, McGinley, McGinnity, McGlynn, McIntyre (Brooklyn & Chicago), McQuillan (ball in hand), McQuillan (with bat), Merkle (throwing), Merritt, Meyers, Milan, Miller (Pittsburgh), Milligan, Mitchell (Cincinatti), Moeller, Moran (Providence), Moran (Chicago), Mowrey, Mullen (Mullin), Mullin (throwing), Murphy (batting), Murphy (throwing), Murray (batting), Murray (portrait), Myers (Meyers) (batting), Myers (Meyers) (fielding), Nattress, Needham, Nicholls (hands on knees), Nichols (batting), Niles, Oakes, O'Brien, O'Hara (New York), Oldring (batting), Oldring (fielding), O'Leary (hands on knees), O'Leary (portrait), O'Neil, Overall (hands waist level), Owen, Parent, Paskert, Pastorius, Payne, Pelty (horizontal), Pelty (vertical), Perring, Pfeffer, Pfeister (seated), Pfeister (throwing), Phillippe, Pickering, Powell, Powers, Purtell, Puttman, Randall, Raymond, Rhoades (hands at chest), Rhodes, Ritchey, Ritter, Rossman, Rucker (portrait), Rucker (throwing), Rudolph, Schaefer (Detroit), Schaefer (Washington), Schirm, Schlafly, Schlei (batting), Schlei (catching), Schlei (portrait), Schmidt (portrait), Schmidt (throwing), Schreck, Schulte (front view), Schulte (back view), Seymour (throwing), Shannon, Shaw (St. Louis), Sheckard (glove showing), Sheckard (no glove showing), Shipke, Smith (Chicago, F Smith), Smith (Brooklyn), Smith (Buffalo), Spade, Spencer, Stahl (glove shows), Stahl (no glove shows), Stanage, Stark, Stephens, Stovall (batting), Stovall (portrait), Strang, Street (portrait), Summers, Sweeney (Boston), Tannehill (Washington), Tannehill (L. Tannehill on front), Tannehill (Tannehill on front), Taylor, Tenney, Thielman, Thomas, Tinker (bat on shoulder), Titus, Turner, Wagner (bat on right shldr), Walsh, Warhop, Weimer, White (Chicago, pitching), White (Chicago, portrait), White (Buffalo), Wilhelm (hands at chest), Wilhelm (with bat), Willett, Willetts, Williams, Wilson, Wiltse (pitching), Wiltse (portrait, no cap), Wiltse (portrait, with cap), Wright.

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