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3 x 5 Collection of 176 different 1930 - 1950 Boston Red Sox Autographs 9

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Fine collection of Boston Red Sox autographs. Presented in chronological order in three binders, these are very well presented. The person who spent countless hours on this project left spaces for everything he did not have, so this is very manageable and completely organized if one decides to finish his very hard work. Lots of value of course, condition is clean overall. Mainly 3x5s, there are also many mounted cuts, small photos, GPCs, checks and related items that are almost all postcard size or smaller. Better content includes: Ivy Andrews (D 70), Rex Cecil (D 66 at age 50), Joe Cronin (78 Grand Slam card), Eddie Doc Farrell (D 66, PSA 10), Wes Ferrell, Lou Finney (GPC, D 1966 at age 55), Pete Fox (slabbed cut, D 67), Bernie Friberg (Cut, D 59), Johnny Gooch (1938 check), Ellis Kinder (cut mounted to photo), Heinie Manush, Marty McManus (ANS, D 66), Oscar Melillo (D 63, mounted cut), Bing Miller (D 66, GPC), Johnny Murphy (slabbed 3x5), Fritz Ostermueller (slabbed cut, D 57), George Pipgras, Gordon Rhodes (cut, D 52), Bob Seeds, Merv Shea (mounted cut, D 52), Vern Stephens (Leaf Cut, D 68), Tommy O Brien (GPC, D 78 at age 52), Joe Vosmik (D 62), Hal Wagner (photo), Rabbit Warstler (signed small cut, D 64) and Earl Webb (slabbed cut, D 67).


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Item Has Ended

This listing has ended without a bid.


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